We place great emphasis on hardware independence, both in terms of sensors and machine controls

The Charité is one of Europes largest university hospitals, affiliated with Humboldt University and Free University Berlin. With numerous Collaborative Research Centres of the German Research Foundation it is one of Germanys most research-intensive medical institutions.

Development of a platform for data acquisition through sensors and integration of third-party systems such as SAP for automating building management processes.

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Wittenstein SE (stylized as WITTENSTEIN) is a German manufacturer of planetary gearheads, gearing technology, complete electromechanical drive systems and AC servo systems and motors.

The Industry 4.0 platform developed by Tomorrow Labs in collaboration with MAG and Fraunhofer IPA is used for the networking of machine production.

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AiFO (Automated and intelligent Facility Operations) is a proprietary development of Tomorrow Labs. Further information is available at www.aifo.ui.

With AiFO (Automated and intelligent Facility Operations), you equip your existing and new properties with a powerful operating system. Consumption data, status of technical installations and facades, as well as service orders are always available at a glance. A rule-based notification and alarm system assists you in automating the management of your properties.

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AGC Flat Glass Czech is a trading company in the form of a joint-stock company , based in the Czech Republic . The company is part of the multinational concern AGC Group and is the largest producer of flat glass in Central and Eastern Europe.

Shop floor monitoring at the world's largest car glass producer with our Industry 4.0 platform.

2W is a full-service provider for technical communication and has specialised in explaining complex issues in an understandable way since 1998. Our technical writers come from the real world and are very familiar with the most diverse processes and needs of our customers.

2W creates documentation and technical solutions for an automotive manufacturer. For managing specific services, we developed software that utilizes (vehicle) data from the automotive manufacturer's systems and captures internal efforts for performance billing

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