The challenges our customers face.

Delivery problems of machine component suppliers



For various reasons, suppliers of certain machine components are currently experiencing severe delivery problems.

This is a disaster for mechanical engineers who themselves are facing delays in delivery as a result.

Likewise, it affects companies whose own machines are idle because they cannot access components from specific manufacturers.

Furthermore, the negotiating position with suppliers is very weak because companies can only resort to products from other providers with considerable effort so far.

We make your company independent from supply shortages

Thanks to our developments and with the help of our consulting services, our customers can assemble hardware sets that make them independent from supply shortages. For example, a component from Corporation X can be replaced by one from Corporation B (or a small company C). Waiting and machine downtime for the availability of the A-component are now a thing of the past.

This way, we ensure that there is no need to panic about potential delivery delays because machines cannot be repaired due to the unavailability of individual components.

Lack of expertise to implement alternative solutions



The employees within mechanical engineering companies are absolute professionals when it comes to dealing with the components that have been used for decades.

However, if familiar machine parts are missing, they are unable to take action without external support.

They generally lack the know-how and implementation competence to develop and implement alternatives for proprietary machine components.

We develop solutions and support you in their implementation

We develop modules for you that prevent delivery delays with the machines you build, even if certain components are unavailable.

However, we are not just developers; we are also competent and highly experienced consultants for industrial companies. From conception to utilization, we provide support, advice, and training.

Moreover, since we work with many open-source components, you will find it easy to locate specialists who can support you in the future after we hand over our solutions to you. The open-source community has many skilled experts available.

No possibility to leverage new innovative solutions



Technology is constantly advancing at a rapid pace. It makes machines more efficient, easier to operate, and more effective. With AI and machine learning, processes can be increasingly optimized. Usually…

However, the development cycles of large corporations often span several years.

When companies have to wait for updates from these corporations for many years, it puts them at a significant competitive disadvantage compared to other mechanical engineers who have access to the latest technologies.

We help you gain a competitive edge through innovative technologies

Our solutions ensure that you are much faster and more flexible in the construction and further development of your machines. This allows you to easily and quickly integrate technological innovations and gain important competitive advantages. Here are some examples:

You benefit from incremental and agile development, which results in quickly deployable instances.

We integrate a standard interface (OPC-UA) for data exchange and easy networking of machines. This allows operators to have access to all relevant production parameters at any time, simplifying automation.

With our HMI Code Generator, a low-code software, you can make adjustments without developer knowledge and develop PLC programming and HMI simultaneously.

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